The Story

RSNIFY by Erica Joaquin, was inspired by my love for new experiences and the creation of memories, but more specifically, game nights with my family and friends throughout the pandemic of 2020.

RSNIFY, pronounced res-​in-​i​fy, is defined as the metamorphose into or to treat with resin.

These coasters, trays and paintings are not only functional and/or decorative but are also sentimental. Each piece is handcrafted in Ontario, Canada, with a story connected to them. Whenever you look at the pieces, my wish for you is that you will be reminded of the wonderful memories you created while using them. Perhaps you also use them during a game night or while you are manifesting your dreams or maybe during a heart-to-heart conversation over wine or hot chocolate. Whatever it is, I hope it brings happiness and light into your life!

RSNIFY depicts past moments in the present time, making intangible memories tangible using resin.

- Erica